With a European chamber choir sound ideal, the choir surrounds the audience in an intimate acoustic halo.


Windsong was formed in the fall of 1991 by Kerry and Marilee Barnett to promote and perform unique virtuoso chamber music in the style of European professional ensembles. The group’s signature sound is a cappella singing with a unique multiplicity of voice parts, but the choir often performs other featured works with instruments and full orchestra. The only semi-professional choir in the OKC metro area, Windsong is comprised of volunteer singers from throughout Oklahoma who bring an impressive range of musical experience and expertise to the organization. Windsong is a non-proft 501(c)3 organization but it operates in a semi-professional capacity because the organization provides for all of the singers' performance-related expenses.


Artistic Director

Windsong is under the direction of Artistic Director Jeanise Rene Wynn. Wynn joined Windsong as a singer in 2006 and has served the choir in multiple roles during that time. She was promoted to Artistic Director prior to Windsong’s 25th Anniversary season. Wynn earned a bachelor of arts degree in music performance from Oklahoma Christian University in 1996. She has a long and varied history working as a conductor, vocal and flute soloist, and musical director, and served as the music director for the Oklahoma City Theater Company from 2011-14. Wynn has directed children’s choirs, volunteer choruses, and praise teams, both in the US and in Japan. She currently sings with the Cathedral and Evensong choirs at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City. In addition to her musical endeavors, Wynn holds an MBA and currently works as the business manager for Edmond Public Schools.


Windsong was the featured choir at Governor Brad Henry’s Inaugural Prayer Service and has been invited to sing at conventions of the American Choral Directors Association and the Oklahoma Choral Directors Association, the Fall Arts Institute, a number of professional organizations, and for private occasions. Windsong also makes an effort to support other arts programs in our state. The group partnered with Edmond Santa Fe High School Orchestra and Moore High School choral ensembles for recent performances. Windsong also joined forces with the Lawton Philharmonic and regional singers in the performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in 2012.